Janet: Her Brother David's Experience

Although David often quit jobs over the years, he would usually get back to work as an optician. He experienced homelessness several times but would then stay with someone he knew. One time, David got in a fight. When the police came, he “lipped off” and ended up in jail. In court, he also “lipped off” to the judge and ended up with a seven-month jail sentence.

He said he felt cold in jail. That really bothered him, but at least he had a roof over his head. I think that jail was a big wake up call for him. Before that there was moving and then he was living in Baltimore. Who knows what went on there? He lived in California. He took off to Las Vegas. But he’d always come back. He’s an optician and makes glasses. He’d always find a job. He would try to pay my parents back because I don’t know how much money they lent to him, but he always did pay them back. He had a good sense of that.

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