Questions for Reflection and Discussion:


1. How did you become aware that your child lives with a mental illness?

2. What were your experiences in interacting with mental health care providers and staff in the mental health care system?

3. What can you do to communicate your perspectives about your child’s symptoms to decision-makers about your child’s mental health care?

4. How are your family relationships affected by having a child that lives with mental illness?

5. What do you worry about the most?

6. What strategies have you found that help you to communicate more effectively with your child?

7. How have your expectations or dreams for your child changed?

8. What can you do to find balance between supporting your child and taking care of your own emotional and physical needs?

9. What have you learned about yourself in your search to find help for your child?

10. What does it mean to have realistic hope for your child’s recovery?

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