Family Stories

of Bipolar Disorder

Marjorie A. Schaffer, PhD, RN

Welcome to my website. Here you will find the stories of family members who have journeyed with their loved one who lives with a mental illness.

Parents, partners, siblings, and adult children who have a relative living with bipolar disorder share their stories about how they pursued well-being for themselves and their loved ones. They displayed courage in openly telling their story, shared insight into how they learned to accept the existence of mental illness in their family life, and advocated to increase acceptance and understanding about mental illness in our broader society. For more on the source of the stories, see Author Q & A.

As you think about their experiences, you may be inspired and encouraged, find hope, reach acceptance, and learn to separate the uniqueness and essence of your family member from the mental illness.

Journey Through the Mental Illness Maze: How Families Find Hope and Acceptance

Journey Through the Mental Illness Maze guides families in their search for answers to help their loved one find stability and well-being while living with a mental illness. The stories of parents, partners, siblings, and adult children highlight strategies for navigating a pathway through the complex and confusing world of mental health conditions and treatment. Readers will learn how to balance their own self-care with sustaining compassion for a loved one living with a mental illness. Dr. Schaffer, PhD, RN, weaves the wisdom of family members together with the knowledge of experts to derive key actions for finding hope and acceptance.