Frank: Searching for Good Healthcare

Frank and Gloria went through several dreadful experiences with the healthcare system. Following a botched back surgery, Gloria needed two additional surgeries to correct the problem. She continued to have back problems later in life. They sued the surgeon who completed the first surgery and won the lawsuit. The money from the lawsuit helped them pay bills during their later years together.

Frank criticized a number of psychiatrists who saw Gloria, because they overloaded her with medication, which made her sleep most of the time. In several instances, Frank signed her out of the hospital because he did not agree with the medication treatment plan for Gloria. It took a while to find a psychiatrist who prescribed helpful medication.

We finally got a psychiatrist who found out that she had bipolar and he said we can deal with this. He was very good for her. Then she got real well and applied for this job at the human service center. She got the job.

Frank recalled that the psychiatrist was deliberately cautious in finding a medication that worked for Gloria:

Never, ever once did he overdose her. Never. . . He said this might take some time. He said, “I can’t guarantee nothing,” but he was a very good, friendly guy. He’d walk in there and he’d say, “Boy you’re really doing well today.” Then he’d take both of us in there and he’d say, “How are things going today?” If she’d forget, then I could remember. But thank God, we had him, and he’s still there and he’s still helping people.

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