Joann: There are Good Times

Joann wants other parents of young adults living with bipolar disorder to know that it will get better. There is hope. In support groups, she learned that although it can be challenging, families are doing fine. Life goes on; they are able to live good lives. She observed, “It was just really lovely to hear in every story you could see where there are good times.”

You’re going to have good times and you’re going to have bad times. And you know what? You may be blessed and have a really good recovery after that and move forward. But it’s not the same for everybody and I think is important to share. Even though the mental illness diagnosis may be bipolar, how they experience their illness is not the same.

Over time, Joann gained extensive knowledge about mental illness and developed greater empathy in responding to others who experience challenges in responding to mental illness. The experience brought her family together because they all have the same purpose of wanting to help Jacob and see him get better. Her family told her they are proud of her and what she is doing. She feels blessed in joining a new support community and learning about their experiences. Joann’s husband told her that he is glad she has some place she can go to talk because he sees how much it helps her.

You do grow from it. I’m still learning more. I really like how my family is able to receive stuff when I want to share it. That they are willing to listen or tell me if they don’t want to. I’m okay with that too. I can help others in the community to be part of this, and share my story because others could relate or say, wow, it feels good to help too. I think that’s a positive thing that’s come from all this.


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