Carmen: I'm proud of her

“I’ve done the best I can. I don’t regret doing anything or not doing anything.”

When Carmen was age 14, her older sister, Lily, who was then age 19, attempted suicide. At the time she did not understand what mental illness meant for her sister. She was confused about her sister’s behavior, but Lily reassured her that she would not attempt suicide again.

I know they had given her something [medication] when she came out of the hospital. I wasn’t very mature. I was even a little jealous that she was getting a lot of attention. I did not quite understand what she had tried to do or how it related to her mental health. I remember she drove me to school and we talked about it. She dropped me off and I remember going into the school and thinking it was done and over. She assured me everything was going to be okay and she wouldn’t do it again. It must have eased my mind.