Mental healthcare workers

You will find a variety of mental healthcare providers and staff in hospital and community settings. Much of mental healthcare is team-based and multidisciplinary. Care is delivered in a variety of settings, including primary care. The mental health workforce incudes:

  • Psychiatrists

  • Psychologists

  • Social workers

  • Psychiatric or mental health nurses

  • Advanced practice psychiatric nurses

  • Marriage and family therapists

  • Certified prevention specialists

  • Addiction counselors

  • Mental health counselors

  • Psychiatric rehabilitation specialists

  • Psychiatric aides and technicians

  • Paraprofessionals in psychiatric rehabilitation and addiction recovery fields

  • Peer support specialists

  • Recovery coaches

With additional training, peer support specialists, who live with a mental health or chemical health condition, use their experience to support others during recovery. Although mental health programs are emphasizing culturally appropriate mental health care that addresses individual beliefs and values, diversity in the mental health workforce is lacking.

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