Abby: Early Family Life

During Abby’s childhood, Mandy regulated her moods with medications and support from Abby’s father. But Abby noticed there were occasions when her mother’s behavior did not seem “normal.” She recalled a time her family went out to dinner together when she was 15. Abby has three siblingsan older sister and two younger brothers. Her mother and father argued in the restaurant, resulting in her mother leaving and walking five miles home in the dark. Abby recalled, “I remember thinking my mom isn’t normal. That was my first realization that she was struggling with something bigger than just normal.”

On another occasion, her mother left the children ages 6 to 12 alone for a long time while she volunteered to prepare for a community Easter egg hunt. Abby’s father came home and found one of her brothers in the dryer because they were playing hide and seek. Although Abby’s mom could accomplish many things and people liked her because she was nice, she could not maintain her hectic pace and would isolate herself.