Holly: I was on a rollercoaster

“You’ve got to live your life. You have to take care of yourself.”

Before they married, Ron told Holly he lived with bipolar disorder and explained “it was under control.” However, after they were married, she discovered that Ron experienced serious mood swings.

He would go through times where I never had been loved by somebody like that before where they put their whole self into loving you. But then he would literally walk out of the room and walk back in and he would be gone, just gone. You wouldn’t know when he would be coming back. Totally gone emotionally. You couldn’t reach him. You could hardly talk to him. His face would change.

Ron went from being exuberant and happy to being “gone” with “no light in his eye.” Holly explained that she was “used to bipolar” since three of her children lived with bipolar disorder. However, her children were more predictable in their mood swings. At one point, Ron’s depression episode lasted over a year.

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