Abby: Talking with Others about Mental Illness

When her mother was missing for a short time, Abby shared the information on a Facebook post, which was then shared 2000 times in an hour. Later, she wondered what to share with friends and felt conflicted about what to say.

This is what happened. She thought the devil ran her car into the tree. Then she was running through the woods. She thought someone was going to scalp her. Then she’s got scratches and bruises, and she said her purse went up in flames. At one point she thought she was the devil and then she thought everyone around her was the devil. I felt like people will think of me differently if I say this stuff. Especially in a work environment.

Abby felt nervous about sharing her mother’s situation at work. Her immediate manager offered to help search for her mother, before she was found. Abby took the week off, and when she returned to work her manager asked what had happened. However, the manager never asked again, which added to Abby’s reluctance to share about her mother.